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Preventive education, know the alarm symptoms of the female reproductive system. What you should know before and after menopause.

Ovarian cysts 

Cysts are fluid-filled sacs that appear during the woman's fertile stage. Some of them are asymptomatic and do not merit treatment, but they can also be caused by pain and misalignment of the menstrual period; In less common cases, may be related to a type of cancer called cyst-adenocarcinomas. Cysts can be detected by the TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUND (Best Image) or PELVIC ULTRASOUND.

Symptoms and complications of ovarian cysts:

  • Abdominal distension or inflammation.

  • Pelvic pain shortly after the beginning or end of the menstrual period.

  • Constant pelvic pain and menstrual disorders.

  • Severe pelvic pain with nausea, vomiting, which may be a sign of ovarian torsion (EMERGENCY) or rupture of a hemorrhagic cyst.

Desire for pregnancy 

Follicular follow-up

Indicated for infertility study, to take control of the stimulation of the follicles (immature ovules) to achieve a pregnancy by means of ULTRASOUND FOLICULAR MONITORING. In general it is performed on day 9 after the onset of menstruation until day 14 or more, following the indication of the gynecologist.

Fallopian tube obstruction

HYSTEROSAL-PATH is a special x-ray study that is done in order to see the permeability and rule out any obstruction of the fallopian tubes. These are the channel through which the ovules are transported between the ovary and the uterus. To achieve a pregnancy is necessary that these are without any obstacles.

Uterine Myomatosis 

Myomas in the uterus are very common benign tumors, half of the women have myomas around the age of 50. Because of its similarity in symptoms with endometrial cancer, you should be alert and consider if you have:

  • Sensation of inflammation or distension in the belly.

  • Pelvic pain (lower belly)

  • Bladder pressure causing frequent urination (large fibroids).

  • Pressure on the rectum with pain while this work.

Endometrial Cancer

In phases close to menopause (around 50 years) or after this, you should be very attentive to the symptoms of alarm:

  • Occasional or frequent bleeding after menopause (strong and prolonged or weak).

  • The peri-menopausal women who take estrogens, tamoxifen, raloxifene, have a 30% chance of presenting uterine pathology.



Ovarian Cancer 

The main problem is that this disease does not produce symptoms, patients can only refer to a pressure or growth of the abdomen. 70% is diagnosed at very advanced stages, when there is intra-abdominal fluid or metastases to the lung or liver. This disease can be diagnosed with TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUND.

Complicated Gynecological cases 

All those cases that have not been able to reach a diagnostic conclusion by means of the CONVENTIONAL ULTRASOUND, it is highly recommended that a MRI PELVIC GYNECOLOGY be performed to determine the cause and to be able to give an effective treatment.

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