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Emergency: (044) 6699 18 01 51

Mazatlán: (669) 990 26 50 | Escuinapa: (695) 953 37 47


Reliable Medical Diagnostic exams for the well-being of your Family

We want to make known the importance of preventive role in society.

Welcome to your

Medical Imaging Diagnostic Center

Together we can achieve the optimum well-being that you and your family deserve, through the technological innovation that our studies allow us to achieve.


Detection of Heart Attack Risk in people with high cholesterol, stress, diabetes, hypertension or who are overweight, in menopause or smoke, or who have a family history of heart attack.


Starting at age 40, the Full Body Scan is used for early detection of visible tumors and diseases before they begin to invade other organs. The treatment success rate of some cancers depends on early detection.


The American Cancer Society recommends everyone have a Colonoscopy every 5 years, beginning at age 50.

What makes us different?

We are a Medical Imaging Diagnostic Center where we always care about your well-being, comfort and the need of the patient to offer the best service adapting to these. Among our features include:

High Technological Quality Medical Diagnostic Equipment
Highly trained Medical staff in radiology and Medical diagnostic
Studies Delivery and Patients collection at home
Free Medical Evaluation and Advice with one of our Medical Specialists

We have the best quality in the realization and interpretation of the imaging studies for the exact diagnostic.

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Mazatlán: (669) 990 18 67
Escuinapa Branch: (695) 953 37 47 
Emergencies: (044) 669 918 01 51 

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